Not here, not anywhere

#NotInMyCity is a movement, which was successfully launched by Paul Brandt under his Buckspring Foundation in July 2017, with a focus towards raising awareness about Child Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking. Held at the award-winning restaurant Deane House in Calgary, it gathered local and global influencers together to discuss the issue of Human Trafficking, and how we can take a collective responsibility. Since launching, we have raised over $400,000, and gained support across the city, province, and country.




Input by the various systems has revealed that developing a unified definition for Human Trafficking in Alberta is of utmost importance.  It is understood that Sex Trafficking is an outcome of Sexual Exploitation. Knowledge is power. A data-driven approach to identifying and investigating this crime will be considerably more effective when the public and first-responders are armed with the most cutting edge information.  Pulled together from multiple trusted sources, here’s what is generally known about this human rights issue so far:

At this moment in time, there are more people enslaved through human trafficking than there have been in human history. Children from vulnerable populations are coerced, manipulated, and exploited for sex.

The average age children are recruited to be trafficked is 12 to 13 years old. Trafficked women and girls are typically poor, often with histories of both physical and sexual abuse.

In Canada, $280,000 is the annual profit per female made by traffickers. Worldwide, human trafficking is the second largest source of illegal income.

93% of Canada’s trafficking victims come from within Canada. There is a gross over-representation of indigenous people in human trafficking cases. Although they only make up 4% of Canada’s population, they make up over 50% of our trafficking victims.