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A +1 is a person who takes action. We all have a platform. We all have a “superpower”. What kind of +1 are you?



These +1s help spread the mission of #notinmycity through their social networks and relationships. You love your smartphone, and understand that timing is important in getting the message out. You are the eyes and ears of #notinmycity. You love attending events, taking photos, and communicating  in real-time.


These +1s are comfortable working person-to-person, in small -- or large groups. You love conversation and dialogue. You can tell a great story, while delivering the key messages of #notinmycity. Your passions include the health, wellness and full realization of vulnerable populations and believe that even changing 1 life matters.




These +1s are passionate about one or all of our pillars. Your way of showing support is achieved through donating or resourcing in our awareness campaign, our efforts to disrupt exploitation, or our work with partners in this city who assist survivors. You understand the issue and you don’t want to waste another moment in creating change.