Following the strong and unified community response to #NotInMyCity, we deepened our involvement in the fight against Child Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking by engaging with Bonnie Johnston (former CEO of the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre) to begin gathering information through an extensive consultation process including information gathering from Police, Justice, Health, First Nations, Children’s Services, Ministries within the government of Alberta, and various non-profit organizations.  This information and the consultations that have occurred over the last few months have guided the #NotInMyCity Advisory Committee in formulating priorities for Phase 2.

The work of #NotInMyCity will target Sexual Exploitation/Sex Trafficking focusing on Prevention/Early Intervention strategies.  

Four areas of Strategic Focus have been identified:

Understanding Scope and Extent of the Problem: Identification and Evaluation of existing  statistical data within Calgary and the surrounding area.

Enhancing Integrated Services for High Risk Youth: Supporting and strengthening integrated wrap around services for youth who are identified at risk and require services under the Protection of Sexually Exploited Children Act.  Youth will receive the full continuum of care they require to heal, move forward and lead healthy and productive lives.

Building Awareness: Campaign to inform, engage and educate the community about Sexual Exploitation/Trafficking and our collective responsibility to protect our children and youth and know what to do if we suspect anyone is being exploited or harmed.

Advancing Leading Practices:  Working in collaboration with regional partners, First Nations and other jurisdictions to continually improve outcomes through evidence based practice in the areas of Education, Training and Victim Services.   

Engagement and consultation with First Nations will be integral to the planning and development of each of the four Strategic Areas.